San Francisco-Vancouver (A319)

I simply love this A319. Decided to take it for a spin and had a travel of a lifetime:)

Route: KSFO-CYVR/Duration: 02:23/Server: Casual


Nice pictures! My favorite is the fourth (4th) picture.

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Everyone loves my screenshots, how typical :)

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Nice photos!

I recommend you use “Free” camera to make better shots!
Keep it up.

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You didn’t like it this time :p

Are you saying nice to be nice or are you impressed🤣?

It’s ok, .

That doesnt really work in air though.

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Nice pictures

I see that route every day on Flightradar24:). Nice photos

It does in replay mode.

@CyrusThePlane101 I don’t understand what you mean.

Never mind :) I was trying to say I’m surprised you always like my screenshots :)

I actually did that exact same route a few days back, also air canada, but only an A320 not A319