San Francisco to Warsaw inaugural flight

I did this flight because I love SFO and live somewhat near to the airport and I was really excited when LOT announced a new service between SFO and Warsaw starting August 5, 2020 so I did the inaugural flight to Warsaw

Sever: expert
Flight level: 350 with a step vlimb to 370 then 390
Flight time: 10hrs 31mins
Airline: LOT Polish Airlines
Aircraft: 787-9
Depart time: 10:10pm
Arrive time: 6:45pm

Departing SFO at 10:20pm
Climbing out of SFO with a view of the city
Another view of the bay area
Flying past Spokane at about 11:30pm
Flying over the beutiful Canadian Rockies
Saying hello to Edmonton
Gorgeous sunrise over northern Canada
Flying past Iceland in the midmorning
InfiniteFlight_2019-10-14-05-14-50 Flying over Copenhagen
InfiniteFlight_2019-10-14-05-16-44 Final approach into Warsaw

I hope you enjoyed this flight as much as I did!


I really like picture 7


Thats my favorite too!

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The pictures are great! I love the one where your soaring over the Rockies!

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Thank you!

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Beautiful pictures! Number seven is my favorite.

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