San Francisco to the World: Bren's Flyout Series 1.2 @KSFO 072000ZMAR20


Welcome to the San Francisco International Airport Flyout!

Server: Expert

Airport: San Francisco International: KSFO

Time: 2000Z 2020-03-07T20:00:00Z

I decided to do my second event in my new 2020 Flyout series out of one of my old hometowns! San Francisco was my main International Airport and still is one of my favourite airports in the world due to its location, layout, structure, just about anything you can think of. It is also one of the world’s busiest airports and is a hub for United Airlines.

Please sign up for this event and make it big! The more people we have, the more realistic the scenario and more fun the flyout!

NOTAM’s: Please follow all general Expert Server rules, as well as maintaining respect for myself, others, and any IFATC controller that may be active. Any disobedience of rules may result in not being invited to some of my future flyouts.

Pusback, Taxi, Takeoff, and Departure information will be posted in the days leading up to the event.

When asking for a gate, please let me know the Gate, Airline, Aircraft, and, if applicable, the callsign. This will make it much easier for me to assign you your gate.

Please note that since IF does not have the new KSFO gate numbers, the gates are based off the old numbers.

Terminal and gate assignments were found through the SFO website, as well as

You may request to substitute any gate for any route or aircraft not listed in the list, however, this needs to be either: A real route off Flightaware or FlightRadar24 or an aircraft replacement that you need for filing in your respective VA/VO

If you would like to put on a charter flight, please let me know. I will most likely give permission for one person to do a charter flight, and this will be out of Stand B21



Terminal 1

Delta Connection

Terminal 2


Terminal 3

United Express

International Terminal A

Air France
Air Italy
Avianca El Salvador
British Airways
Cathay Pacific
China Airlines
China Eastern Airlines
China Southern Airlines
El Al
French Bee
Hawaiian Airlines
Japan Air Lines
Korean Air
Philippine Air Lines
Sun Country
Virgin Atlantic

International Terminal G

Aer Lingus
Air Canada
Air Canada Express
Air China
Air India
Air New Zealand
All Nippon Airways
Asiana Airlines
Copa Airlines
Fiji Airways
LOT Polish Airways
Scandanavian Airlines
Singapore Airlines
TAP Portugal
Turkish Airlines


Terminal 1
Boarding Area B
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain Callsign
B22 Frontier KDEN A321-200
B23 Frontier KAUS A320-200
B24 Southwest KMDW 737-800
B25 Southwest KLAS 737-700
B26 Southwest KSAN 737-700
B27 Southwest KBUR 737-700
B28 Southwest KPHX 737-700
Boarding Area C (6 Remaining)
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain Callsign
C40 Delta KBOS 757-200
C41 Delta KDTW 737-900ER
C42 Delta KJFK 757-200 @Thiago_Silva
C43 American KCLT A321-200
C44 Delta KATL 737-900ER @InfiniteFlight48
C45A Delta KLAX 737-800 @PanAm Delta 222
C45B Delta KSLC A319-100
C46 American KPHL 767-300ER @TY_PLAY AAVA2500
C47 Delta KMSP 737-900ER
C48 Delta KCVG 737-900ER
Terminal 2
Boarding Area D
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain Callsign
D50A American KJFK A321-200 @Lufthansa2
D50B American KPHX A320-200 @Sam_Ortiz
D51A American KDFW 737-800 @BadPlane AAVA8938
D51B Alaska KIAD 737-800
D52 Alaska KSEA 737-900 @Populeux_Music ASA960
D53 Alaska KMCO 737-900ER
D54A Alaska KPDX A320-200 @shat
D54B Alaska MMPR A320-200
D55 Alaska KPSP E175 @Luke_Gengler ASVA043
D56A Alaska KEWR 737-900ER
D56B Alaska KLAX 737-900ER
D57 Alaska KORD A320-200
D58A Alaska KSAN A320-200
D58B Alaska KJFK 737-900ER @gamer_vlogs
D59 Alaska PHOG 737-800 @AK_Mason ASVA022
Terminal 3
Boarding Area E
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain Callsign
E60 United KSNA 737-800
E61 United KBWI 737-800
E62 United MMUN 737-900ER
E63 United KDCA 737-800
E64 United KRDU A320-200
E65 United MMPR 737-900ER
E66 United PHKO 737-900ER
E67 United KLAX A320-200 @majhz
E68 United KPDX A320-200 @Jack_Q UVAL122
E69 United KCLE 737-800
Boarding Area F
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain Callsign
F70 United KFLL 737-800
F71A United CYVR A320-200 @Alex_L
F71B United PHOG 737-800
F72 United KIAH 737-900ER
F73 United KIND A320-200
F73A United KPSP A320-200
F74 United CYYZ 737-800
F75 United KDEN 737-900ER @EpicNYC04 UVAL225
F76 United Express (SkyWest) KASE CRJ-700
F77A United Express (SkyWest) KBOI CRJ-700
F77B United Express (SkyWest) KFAT CRJ-700
F77C United Express (SkyWest) KMFR CRJ-200
F78 United Express (SkyWest) KEUG CRJ-200
F79 United Express (SkyWest) KONT CRJ-200
F80 United KIAD 777-200ER @LongHaulGuy
F81 United KBOS 757-200
F82 United KIAH 777-200ER
F83 United KAUS 737-900ER
F84 United Express (SkyWest) KSBP CRJ-200
F84A United Express (SkyWest) KGEG CRJ-200
F84B United Express (SkyWest) KBZN CRJ-200
F84C United Express (SkyWest) KACV CRJ-200
F85 United PHLI 757-200
F86 United PHNL 777-200ER
F87 United KBNA A320-200
F87A United Express (SkyWest) KSTS CRJ-200 @N2628P
F88 United PHNL 737-900ER @Bren_McDonell UVAL190
F89 United KORD 777-200ER
F90 United Express (SkyWest) KABQ E170 @anon45500775
International Terminal
Boarding Area A (1 Remaining)
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain Callsign
A1B jetBlue KJFK A321-200 @The_Real_Plane_Spott JB516
A2 Avianca MSLP A320-200 @Ajith_Anand
A3 KLM EHAM 787-10
A4 Cathay Pacific VHHH A350-900 @Kyle107 CX879
A5 Iberia LEMD A350-900 @toni_sitges
A6 Qantas YMML 787-9 @Ethan_Q
A7 British Airways EGLL 747-400 @Key
A8 China Airlines RCTP 777-300ER @Gabriel_Gava
A9 Emirates OMDB A380-800 @Captain_Tank
A10 British Airways EGLL 747-400 @GlobalFlyer1
A11 China Eastern ZSPD A350-900 @KingWings
A12 jetBlue KBOS A321-200 @SUPPA_FROG
A18 jetBlue KJFK A321-200 @Neto_Campelo B616
A19 jetBlue KFLL A321-200 @Drummer
Boarding Area G (2 Remaining!)
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain Callsign
G91 United KEWR 787-10 @CptCalvin437 UAL2065
G92 Aer Lingus EIDW A350-900 @United_1154
G93 Air Canada CYYZ A330-300 @Kat ACA755
G94 United LFPG 777-200ER @Dreadjack888
G95 United WSSS 787-9
G96 United EDDF 777-200ER @UnitedGuy19 UVAL154
G97 SWISS LSZH 777-300ER @Planeboi19
G98 Air India VIDP 777-200LR @lew1s_h02
G99X Lufthansa EDDM A380-800
G100 EVA Air RCTP 787-10 @LegendaryRoro88
G101 Turkish Airlines LTFM A350-900 @mralp
G102 Singapore WSSS A350-900 @mark.gregor.jaaska
Remote Stands
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Captain Callsign
G103 United RJTT 787-10
G104 United YSSY 787-9
G105 United NTAA 787-9
Cargo 9-01 Air Canada Express (Jazz) CYEG CRJ-900
Cargo 9-02 Air Canada Express (Jazz) CYVR CRJ-900
Cargo 9-03 United RJBB 787-9
Cargo 9-05 Air New Zealand NZAA 777-300ER
Cargo 11-02 United EDDM 787-9
Stand Airline Destination Aircraft Captain Callsign
9-04 Nippon Cargo RJAA 747-8
9-08 DHL KLAX 757-200F
9-09 DHL KCVG 757-200F
50-01 Asiana Cargo RKSI 747-400F
50-03 China Airlines Cargo RCTP via PANC 747-400
50-05 FedEx KMEM MD-11F
50-07 Kalitta (Atlas) RKSI 747-400
50-08 Korean Air Cargo RKSI 777-200F @JerseyAnt KAL23
General Aviation and Private
Stand Airline Destination Aircraft Captain Callsign
GA 1 Private KNEW Citation X @KennedyTurner VEVO1
GA 2
GA 3
Maintenance 41-23 Air Force One KAFW VC-25A

FAA Airport Diagram:

Fun Facts about SFO

  • SFO is one of the only airports in the world to use an extremely daunting version of a PRM Approach called a SOIA Approach. This allows planes to be as close as 750 feet!

  • SFO has both the longest flight and the shortest flight operated by a US Airline (KSFO-WSSS and KSFO-KSTS)

  • SFO is one of the three main airports serving the San Francisco Bay Area, alongside Oakland International Airport (KOAK) to the east, and San Jose Norman Y. Mineta Airport (KSJC) to the south.

  • SFO is a hub for both United Airlines and Alaska Airlines

  • SFO’s International Terminal is the largest international terminal in North America in terms of square footage.

  • SFO is one of the two main United States western gateways to destinations in Asia and Australia!

  • SFO the sixth busiest airport in the USA (behind KATL, KORD, KLAX, KDFW KDEN, and KJFK) and the 24th busiest in the world as of 2019 half-year statistics.

In the meantime, please check out the 1.1 Event of this series!:


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Hope to see you there!



I have to join this fly-out! I’ll take gate F19 to O’Hare in the United 772! Thanks!


Hi, at the moment the only gates that can handle the 777-200ER are in the International Concourse, are you okay if I put you at gate G94?

If Infinite Flight CORRECTS their boarding positions, I will put you back in F


Oh, the G concourse is for international flights though. I’ll take F19, but with the 737 then. Thank you!

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Alright! Ill put you down there!

737 has better aerodynamics anyway


I think you should change the first part of your title.


I’ll take this one


Lots of good info, thanks for pointing that out!

You got it! Gate right next to me!


I’ll take G94 please. Hopefully they’ll have the 777 rework ready


You got it!


You got the first one! The return leg doesn’t need to be reserved, you can just park at any gate at T2.


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Can I have Gate A4 Cathay Pacific bound for Hong Kong ? My callsign will be CX879.


For sure! Nice choice!

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thanks man :D !!!


Thanks for the awesome turnout so far!

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Can I take this one?

Btw, very nice looking event👍

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Thanks! You absolutely can!


I’ll take this gate, but the 777-300ER for the sake of realism, Thanks.

Additionally, Starting March 3rd to April 16th, Asiana is banned from flying the Seoul–San Francisco Route, so if you would like to keep your event realistic, if that’s a goal of some sort for this event, then Asiana’s gate will have to be replaced, otherwise disregard this heads-up / infomation.

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You got the gate!

Good point, I just checked and the Asiana flight is suspended on the day of the event, I will look for a replacement (prolly a UA 789 to WSSS)


Ok. Great! I don’t want to take the place of anyone else flying Alaska on the return flight.

Thank you!