San Francisco to Las Vegas @KSFO 291645ZJAN19

  • Aircraft and Livery:any two engine plane/with any American livery

  • Route: KSFO-KLAS

  • Time of Departure: 1645Z

  • Server:Training

  • **Additional Information:**Copy FPL:IQ300
    This is a group flight created by if.enthusiasts

This would be super fun. Just wondering about the title. It says @klas but it says from San Francisco. Maybe it should say @KSFO?

Yes, i will change it

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Also, I recommend making the thread earlier to allow more people to plan to join your flight. If you do one this weekend same time any place tag me and I’ll be there ;)

It’s only allowed to make a group flight thread 3 hours before beginning!

Oh ok. Sorry! DM me if you want to do a flight together Saturday

DM us on Instagram:@if.enthusiasts(had the idea for the flight) and @gamerinfiniteflight001 (im writing here)

Im down
Thanks for post.

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