San Francisco To Guam Via Honolulu

Hi IFC, I recently flew on United’s Micronesian route from San Francisco to Guam via Honolulu. This unique, 11 and a half hour, scenic flight, takes you more than half way across the Pacific Ocean to the beautiful island territory of Guam, served by the infamous Boeing 777-200er.

Background information about Guam:

  • Guam is a beautiful U.S. island territory located in Micronesia, in the Western Pacific Ocean. It’s known for its glistening tropical beaches, golden sunsets, Chamorro villages and it’s architecture, such as the famous ancient latte-stone pillars.

Detailed flight information:

  • Expert server
  • Takeoff time (first leg): 09:05 - SFO
  • Arrival time (first leg): 11:24 - HNL
  • Takeoff time (second leg): 14:20 - HNL
  • Arrival time (second leg): 18:05+1 - GUM
  • Route: SFO - HNL - GUM
  • Callsign (first leg): United UA 1175
  • Callsign (second leg): United UA 201

Below are pictures of the flight, please let me know what you think of them. :)

Passengers boarding at United’s domestic terminal 3 as ground grew loads the cargo for today’s flight.

Ready for taxi to runway 28L at SFO in front of China Airline’s beautiful Airbus A350-900 bound for Taipei.

Rotate, positive climb, gear up.

Goodbye 👋 San Francisco Bay Area!

Hello Hawaii! 🌺

Descending into Honolulu with a stunning right engine view of Kailua beach.

Hello HNL!

Touchdown on runway 8L at Honolulu International, one leg down and one more to go.

Hello American!

See you later Hawaii!

Somewhere over the Western Pacific Ocean.

First sight of Guam and decent.

Final runway 6L at Guam International.

Short Final.

Welcome to Guam!


Amazing pictures! I’ve done the island hopper but not direct from PHNL-PGUM - I should probably try it sometime…


Thanks so much! You should definitely try, it was a great flight.

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These are stunning photos. I’ve heard great things about this route and I will have to try this out sometime soon!

I also hate to be “that” person, but just as a heads up, you are 5 photos over the limit (per #screenshots-and-videos guidelines), so if this gets closed, don’t be taken aback.

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Thank you. :) Also I didn’t realise that there was a limit hopefully it doesn’t get closed.

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Hopefully not, but it may.

Also, feel free to take a look at the link below. This thread outlines all the guidelines for this category :)


Love the pics! Definitely a good route from SFO

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Fun fact! I was actually born on Guam. So it’s nice to see someone flying there!

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Thank you, you should definitely try it out some time. :)

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That’s so cool, I never thought I’d have someone from Guam comment on my topic. It’s a beautiful island. :)

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Haha you never know what you might find! Born there but not raised. Would love to go back there… it’s been 22 years

Haha exactly right, I would love to visit Guam some day too! :)

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I didn’t think it was necessary to have all those doors open, but hey, who am I to judge great pictures. :)

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The passengers got really hungry so they needed to on load a lot of food.


@BostonStrongWill @InfiniteFlightGeek Crew was in a hurry heaps of food needed to be loaded on and I mean a lot of it 🤣🤣 hey it was only left left hand doors 1L, 2L, 3L and 4L not the right 🤷‍♂️

We all know @Ben_McCarthy was really the one eating all of it 🤫

@BostonStrongWill shhhh keep it a a secret 🤫🤣

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