San Francisco to Dublin

Hey all, did San Fran to Dublin last night, took only 8.5hrs because of a nice tailwind. Aer lingus a330 EI-EIN

ladies and gents welcome on board

v1, rotate

25kt tailwind over the Atlantic

descent begun over sligo

final approach

ein960, winds 280° 11kts runway 10r clear to land

beautiful touchdown

welcome to dublin, welcome home

I hope you enjoyed!


Hey there! Cool shots!

It does seem, however, that two of the images weren’t done processing and uploading before you hit post!

I’d recommend editing and readding the images, this time waiting with posting until they show as “uploaded” :))

Cool pictures. Strong tailwind always makes me overshooting an airport🤣

Thanks, done

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Thanks! Haha yeah! I was expecting a 10 hr flight but the tail wind made it 8.5, so i woke up with 5 mins to go before my t/od🤣

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