San Francisco to Charlotte (Golden Gate Flyout)

Flew from San Francisco to Charlotte NC today for the event hosted by @Generic_Flyer and @Topgottem! Thank you to everyone who made this event possible. Especially the ATC controllers, I know it’s not easy!

Server: Expert
Aircraft: A321-200 (American Airlines)
Flight time: 4 hours 14 minutes

Parked at the gate, I’m the American closest to the United

Blasting out of San Francisco! We had somewhat of a parallel takeoff with the United 737.

Banking as we began our beautiful climb to FL350

Cruising over Kansas 🥱😴

On short final runway 18L

Touchdown! Arrival in Charlotte Douglas Intl

Parked at the gate

Thanks for viewing!


Thanks for joining are event! It was fun to co-host, glad you could join! Nice photos!

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Honor to have you at our event. I love the 4th image!

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Thank you!

Thank you! And thanks for hosting such a great event!

@777_heavy found you!

btw, beautiful parallel takeoff, it makes sfo objectively the best airport (totally not biased because it’s my home airport)

Oh, wow! How did you find me?? Yes, I love flying into sfo and it was a great place for an event! That’s cool that it’s your home airport!! Wish I lived close to a bigger airport, don’t get too much aviation action near me :(

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He was the proud ATC so thats how, I think? Help

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Yeah, I know but there were so many planes. Must have been a lot of scrolling…

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It was a bummer I didn’t get to join the event myself, I never had the time to do a real flight.
However I did get do some sightseeing. It was fun to see all the participants and parallel landings, for a event I helped made with my friend @Generic_Flyer, we accomplished something I never thought would happen, its definitely a memory to be remembered!

It was a amazing to see the peek traffic with 1/3 of all ES arrivals going to SFO. Thank you do everyone that joined and participated! And thankyou to @Generic_Flyer @Dan @jacrock @BreezeVirtual for making all this possible! I feel proud and honored to have been apart of this amazing event.

Thank you too all!


does anyone know why there is the little box in the corner of the screen when u take a screenshot???

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No idea. I only noticed that after I posted, and I used the screenshot feature in IF. Does that happen to anyone else??

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It happens to everyone, I’m not sure how to get rid of it but it has to do with the ingame time.


Sweet pics 👍👍

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