San Francisco Spotting *Take 2* 🎬

Back again with some amazing photos from another trip to San Francisco!!! Due to the residual storms from Hurricane Hillary, KSFO was using the 19’s and 10’s configuration which was quite a pleasant surprise 🫢😝! Enjoy all these amazing pieces of metal ✈️✈️


The Queen Herself, a Lufthansa B747-8I from Frankfurt Germany 🇩🇪


Next up, a unique one… Tokyo’s very own LCC Zipair making an appearance as it taxi’s out for departure 🇯🇵


Next up is Emirates making an appearance with their absolute Behemoth of a machine, the stunning A380-800 buttering after a nearly 16 hr flight from Dubai 🇦🇪


Another Middle Eastern Airline… This time it’s Qatar’s A350-1000 preparing for its nearly Ultra-Long-Haul journey back to Doha’s Hamad international 🇶🇦


I learned during this trip that the Swiss are addicted to American products 😂😂
Buttering Boeing’s extended range worldLiner on good 'ol American Asphalt


Saluting all our soldiers 🫡🫡🇺🇲🇺🇲
Thank you truly for each and ever sacrifice you make for our country! Your bravery knows nobounds


This butter machine reminds me of Lucky Charms Cereal 🥣🍀🍀🇮🇪🇮🇪


The second oldest of the CRJ’s chillin at a hard stand in the most Canadian way conceivable to an AvGeeks brain 🧠🇨🇦🇨🇦


Know I want Turkish Delights, Baklava and Kababs 😋😋
Oh… yea, Turkish Airlines also decided to show off their worldLiner!


Last but certainly not least… A goofy ahh United B737-900 hogging the gate that my plane eventually discovered and claimed as it’s own territory

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#7 is mine

Awesome shots! SFO has such a variety of airlines.

Hey! Nice pics, but #10 is a 737-900, look at the length, also the aft exit. i took a few SFO pics when i was there too!


Never heard of Zipair, what’s that?

Great shots! Wish I was there to see the reverse ops.
Here’s my official Seal of Approval for a topic featuring SFO!



a new low cost airline based out of Tokyo offering low fare flights to some West Coast USA destinations

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Quite an interesting model if I do say so myself. It’s interesting how Zipair seems to be prospering, while a lot of transatlantic LCCs tend to flop out after a few years.

I agree, i’ve seen almost nothing but positive things

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Japanese Low-cost subsidiary of JAL, great airline from what i’ve seen. Operate 5 787-8’s i think…


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