San Francisco planespotting!

Hello IFC! I hope you all are doing well and living a very happy life like me! As voted from my Los Angeles planespotting!, I am gonna spot at KSFO today, enjoy!

Airport: San Francisco international (KSFO)
Aircraft: Various
Airlines: Various

  1. JetBlue A321 landing from Boston, Massachusetts!
  2. United Airlines B739 just coming in from Cancun, Mexico!
  3. United Airlines B77W just buttered, coming in from Sydney, Australia!
  4. United Airlines B738 about to hop over to Los Angeles, California!
  5. United Airlines B77W headed to Frankfurt, Germany!
  6. United Airlines B738 landing from Austin, Texas!
  7. Qatar Airlines A359 off to Doha, Qatar!
  8. Alaska Airlines just buttered the runway coming from Seattle, Washington!
  9. Alaska Airlines B739 about to takeoff, going over to Las Vegas, Nevada!
  10. United Airlines B772 coming from Honolulu, Hawaii!

Which one was your favorite?

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I hope you all have enjoyed, and have a great rest of your day!


You know the drill by now… enjoy your cookies 🍪🍪🍪

Great shots by the way!

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Another amazing collection of photos, These look amazing.

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Thank you so much @YC-International!

Amazing pics! Love it👏😊

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Thank you @If.EnglandYT!

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No problem😉😊

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You better that Landon🧈