San Francisco Night Bay Tour Photos

It’s been a while since I’ve posted some of my photos so I thought I’d share some from a recent photo flight I took. Something I’ve always wanted to try since I took my first Bay Tour photo flight was one at night. Earlier this week I finally made that happen after a couple months of planning. This was without a doubt the hardest photography shoot I’ve ever done from shooting with the proper settings, to making sure you keep a steady hand while moving at 100KTS through rough air, and finally the editing. All 3 of those things had the be perfect for even a mediocre photo. With that I’ll jump straight into the photos.

This first photo is of KSJC facing NW as we departed from KRHV. It’s quite busy for the time of day this was taken.

This next photo is of KSFO as we were heading towards downtown SF.

The United hanger at KSFO.

One of the first photos I snapped as we reached downtown with just a little bit of daylight left. The Bay Bridge is on the right side of the photo and the Pelli Clarke tower is the largest skyscraper in the middle of downtown.

Another view of downtown from the NE facing NW.

The Trans America building with it’s unique pyramid shape over downtown.

A pretty cool cruise ship with Coit Tower and downtown SF in the background.

Another view of the cruise ship with Coit Tower and the Golden Gate Bridge in the background as the sun sets over the Bay.

The Port of San Francisco all lit up at night.

Downtown with Sutro Tower in the background.

One of the towers from the Bay Bridge.

Another view of the Bay Bridge.

The Golden Gate.

Golden Gate with downtown in the background.

Another view of the Golden Gate.

Ghirardelli Square, home of the best sundaes I’ve ever had.

Coit and Downtown.

Coit tower standing tall.

Finally, San Francisco City Hall.

Hope you all enjoy the photos. As a little something extra, enjoy this video I made from the flight.

Equipment used:


djLeipelt Postcards™️ coming to stores near you!

WOW. 😯


Holy cow!!! My friend, THOSE are some amazing shots!! Great work!!

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Gorgeous. Really enjoyed the old thread, but his is next level. Stunning!

Wow these are amazing! What kind of plane did you do this tour in?

Wow just wow My hands will be too shacky to get pictures like that good job 👍

@cleipelt What aircraft were you in when you took these? Amazing shots, well done.

Thanks! This was a good challenge for me to shoot but very happy with the results.

Thanks Ben, these night shots give a completely different perspective of the Bay!

@bobo2345 @KSJCRampAgent Thanks guys, these shots were taken in a DA40. I have the option to open the little co-pilot window off my right so there’s no glare or reflection if I were to shoot directly through the canopy.

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Haha, I had an empty 32GB memory card prior to this shoot, and filled it up completely with 1500+ photos. Out of those, probably only 10% were useable because of the blur or shakiness. Very fun and challenging shoot!

Hey, now you’re giving me ideas lol! Glad you like the photos.

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Holy cow these are good photos!

Lol but still a very good job

Those are absolutely stunning! Keep up the good work ;)

Wow, wow, WOW! That is amazing (especially the video!) What software did you use?

Thanks, I used FCPX to make the video and LR to edit the photos.

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Extravagant! Those are some pretty neat and detailed shots! Very very beautiful! I’ve always loved San Fran in it’s glory. Night is even better

@Etrain @HEYEY @Ryan_Vidad
Thanks all, I appreciate the kind words!


Ah. I was going to say that the looked extremely well done. Did you make the soundtrack as well? (Just since you are so talented.)