San Francisco International- ATC Open


Alrighty guys. I’m opening up San Francisco International on the Playground Server to get some ATC practice in.

I’ll be controlling both Tower and Ground, so hop on in and enjoy! Feel free to do some pattern work in order to test my skills.

I’ll be on the frequency for the majority of the day, actually. So, head on down whenever you feel like it!


My callsign is American 73, will be doing some pattern work.

I’m coming…

I can be on at 12:00 CST! Call sign FedEx 714 Heavy!

American 159 landed smoothly :blush:

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Thank you, @philippe! My apologies if this infringed the categories at all. ;)

Quick flight around the bay aread and back to SFO. Thanks for the pro-active runway crossing clearances. Let’s see how reasonable a landing I can do!

Speedbird 880 Super

I saw you, @Laurens! Unfortunatly, my “mojo” groove happened to be ruined in the first few minutes by this idiot with a 44444444444444444444444444444444444444444 callsign. Luckily, he’s gone now.

With that handled, I can finally get a smooth rhythm going, so feel free to hop on again!

@matt what is the deal with ppl being able to have such callsign?


There’s a bug ;)


I reported him.

Don’t request to maintain best forward speed on short final.

Coming for a third round ;)

Many thanks. Not too bad a landing :smile:

Off for an evening on a 737-800fixed based sim now.

I was on approach at KSAN on night and some guy like 20 miles out had a flight plan to KSAN do I told him to contact me as he was reaching a decision point for me and my pattern he sent at leased 50 request frequency changes in a row the 10 or so planes I was controlling all left and forced me to do the same its so annoying.

@Laurens Actually, you CAN request this on final. The guy behind you was getting a little too close for comfort, so I needed you to maintain your best “final” speed. One meaning of “best forward speed” is to get your maximum alotted speed for final up.

FedEx 714 Heavy is unloading freight! Will be loaded back up in a few hours! I will be back for some more pattern work!

Hey I will be there my call sign is delta 505

Okay, guys… I seriously need a break for now. A headache is starting to develop… Lol.

I’ll be back later on in the day, though. I’ll update the post once I reopen the frequencies.