San Francisco Bay Tour Photos

Yesterday was a great day to go flying in the Bay Area, so we took up the Cessna for an evening Bay Tour and dinner flight. I have some photos to share from the trip as well as some explanations on what the Bay Tour is for those that don’t know.

The Bay Tour is a great flight for tourists, friends, and even local pilots who want to get a different view of the Bay Area. You can fly low and slow over downtown SF, the Golden Gate Bridge, or hug the coastline at 500 feet at sunset. It’s truly an unforgettable experience even if you’re not interested in aviation at all.

As we departed KRHV for the Bay Tour, we had to cross KSJC San Jose Intl. Airport midfield, then maintain south and west of the Bay Shore freeway to remain clear of inbounds into KSFO. We passed KNUQ to the west followed by KPAO. Hi @Laura! 👋

Palo Alto Airport shown above with the Dumbarton Bridge on the left side of the image. Fremont is on the other side of the Bay as well as Mt. Diablo in the background.

We then proceeded north towards KSFO and passed KSQL on the way up.

Passing San Carlos Airport with Hayward and the San Mateo Bridge in the background. The Bay Shore freeway I mentioned earlier in just in front of San Carlos Airport (note all the traffic).

After getting our class B clearance we still remained south and west of the Bay Shore freeway. As we were abeam the San Mateo Bridge, a FedEx (767?) was on final into KSFO. I managed to get a quick snap of it as it was over the bridge.

Abeam the San Mateo Bridge with Hayward in the background and a FedEx aircraft on final into KSFO.

We continued onward and passed behind the 1’s at KSFO. We were practically following the FedEx aircraft the whole way inbound, and watching it land from the air was pretty cool.

British Airway’s 787 getting ready to cross 1R for 28L with an Airbus lined up on 1L while a 737 crosses 1L at F.

An overview of the terminals at KSFO and the new tower! I was surprised to see how empty it was. I was expecting to see more gates filled maybe for a Tuesday this would be considered normal.

Virgin Atlantic’s 787 and Sun County’s 737 were surprisingly 2 of the only 3 aircraft in this terminal at KSFO. There was also a Jet Blue which can be seen in the terminal overview photo.

After passing KSFO we proceeded to the highlight (no pun intended) of the Bay Tour, the Golden Gate Bridge. We did a few circles over the Bridge, but there were several aircraft that decided to do a Bay Tour at the same time as us. Luckily the controller on APP helped us out with flight following.

Passed this tower with downtown in the background on the way to the GG Bridge. The new Bay Bridge is in the background. I forgot the name of the tower though… any locals know what it was called?

The second tower of the bridge, located at the northern end.

After some circles around the Bridge we went to downtown SF for some photos of the skyscrapers there.

The Transamerica Building standing tall over downtown San Francisco. Makes everything else seem so tiny.

After the tour we went over to KHAF Half Moon Bay for dinner. We departed just after sunset and headed back to KRHV. This was the final snap I got of the night.

Heading back to RHV, with all the city lights in the horizon.

Those are just a small handful of the photos I shot from yesterday’s flight. If plans go as they should, expect a video of the Bay Tour coming in the next few weeks. I hope you all enjoy the photos and if you’re ever in town, shoot me a PM or email and maybe we could work out a Bay Tour flight!


Amazing dude. Absolutely amazing. Great work!


The Bay Bridge :)

Very original…


Love the bay tour :)


If only I had an aperature that low ☹️

Impressive night shots! Always wanted to try a night Bay Tour.

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Great pictures! Still remember my first time in San Francisco, it was an amazing experience.


A few more (2010) :)


I’m sad now :(
By everyone I mean Laura and @cleipelt


Wow Laura those photos are amazing!


Wow Laura, how do you get these photos so good?

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Laura, if you were not busy on IF, you should start a side business of taking arias photos of places. Some people like photos from planes rather than drones.

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There actually are groups out there in the Bay Area that do aerial photography.

111th Aerial is a great small group out there. They own an R44 and some Cessnas and I’m hoping to go up with them at some point for a photoshoot. Much easier to take photos out of helicopters instead of planes, that is, unless you’re flying a Cub!


this will be what Infinite Flight looks like in 5 years :)


@anon66442947 check DM

My life would be complete if it does.


Those are amazing pictures. If I ever go to San Fran I will definitely try to do that.

I just press the “shoot” button on the camera ;)

2nd post pics were done with a Canon Ti1 with a Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM Lens.

For the 1st post, it is with a Lumix LX-100.

Both setup have huge aperture, which is why I got them :)



I wish i could’ve flown and enjoy such a beautiful sight. You’re so lucky. And btw i dont even have a locense to fly so that also counts. 😅

I believe it’s called Sutro Tower. I lived there 2006-2011, but haven’t been back since, so don’t quote me on that.

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high apertures hurt me :(

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