San Diego tower - Omar Aziz

Just out of curiosity why did you ask me to go around 60 ft off the runway when I was starting my flare?

I was flying C17 and if you have ever flown that aircraft it will stall with a high pitch anything less than 200 kts with full power. I stalled 40 ft off the runway.

Kindly keep that in mind. If you want someone to go around do it on short final. not less than 3nm.


That isn’t in IF…


Correction : C17


C17 is an old model though.

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It’s the hardest plane to fly in IF in my opinion. Old or new.


I saw you landing,before touch down you stalled.


Yea, it wasn’t pretty. Lol I was asked to go around. No clue why.

It was with no flaps so airspeed has to be on point. Flaps make pretty unstable in my opinion .

C130??? I’m so jealous!

Lol. I wish it was true

So true. @FlyFi will remember the time I stalled my c17

This is harder to fly then the super death can rhing


Hello sir

I’m sorry that you stalled, that call was a last resort. The guy landed in front of you, who has over 500k xp, decided to sit on the runway and didn’t follow instructions to get off quickly, hence the go around request. Normally pilots with high experience are expected to follow atc instructions promptly, but unfortunately as of this example some of them do not.

Hope you have a better experience next time, thanks for flying by.


Thanks Omar for the explanation, appreciate mate.

Good call, sadly the c130 is rather complex aircraft (very easy to stall at a high pitch at low altitudes )

Thanks for your help and all that you do.

Good day :)

For the stall part i will give you some tips for the c17

Firstly stay below the max landing weight
Secondly please when going around don’t pitch up quickly and fast.

Thirdly out power to really but below 100% thrust.

Fourthly make sure you have s good flap setting


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Hahaha that’s no funny… not

If you want to keep it realistic than you should not put it at 100% trust. You should know that

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@Erj145 - I thought you could be issued a go around even after touchdown?

Also, somehow I’ve had good luck with the c17 recently. It handles even better on tactical approaches where you start your final approach at 10000ft 5-6 nm from the threshold. Full flaps, gear down, slow to just above stall, pitch down, spoilers out, slip if you have to, enjoy the ride. Flare when needed, you should hit a good TD speed and stick it. It will stop on a dime with full reverse so don’t worry too much about an overshoot.


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To perform a forward slip to landing, bring the power to idle and slow to normal approach speed. Pick a point far in front of you and make it your target. To set up the slip, bank into the wind. As soon as you see your target start moving in the windscreen, apply opposite rudder to keep you moving toward your target. For example, apply right aileron and left rudder, or vice versa, depending on the direction of the wind.
Make sure the nose of your airplane during the slip is at the proper attitude to maintain your approach airspeed. To recover from the slip, simultaneously release the rudder pedal and level the airplane with the ailerons.