San Diego to Seattle Tacoma

Hey IFC, today I did a flight from San Diego to Seattle Tacoma.
Flight time: 2hrs and 25min
Server: Expert
Aircraft: 737-900
Airline: Delta
Here are some pictures,
Parked and getting ready for my flight to Seattle,

Rotating out of San Diego on runway 27,

Climbing to FL340,

Cruising at FL340,

Descending into Seattle Tacoma and getting a nice view of Mount Reiner,

On final to runway 16L,

Buttering on runway 16L with some crosswind,

Parked safely at the gate in Seattle,

I know these pictures were not edited, but I tried my best to make these good. Thanks for looking!😀


It looks like a fun route, and Seattle is always beautiful!


If you use the free cam you can get a lot of cool shots😎

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Ahhhhhh, ok, now I see what free cam can do. Thanks!

Long aircraft and a lovely scenery! Great pictures, thanks for sharing!

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Nice photos here, hope to see your next set of photos that you make using freecam.

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These are good! I prefer the pure, unedited IF screenshots

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Thank you everyone!

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