San Diego to San Francisco Shots

Hey, guys! I just finished filming a flight from KSAN to KSFO in a United Airlines A320. The landing at SFO was really buttery too! These pictures are from my upcoming “Flightlapse” on my YouTube channel. Be sure to check that out; it’s most likely coming on Monday.

On Solo, San Diego to San Francisco, at noon.

Pushback from Gate 41 at KSAN

image image image

  • Pushback from KSAN
  • Gear up!
  • Keep Climbing
  • Descent toward SFO
  • Gear down!
  • Butter on 28R
  • Butter #2
  • Marshalling to the gate
  • Marshalling #2
  • Parked at SFO

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Nice pictures! Love the 5th one @DeerCrusher doesn’t like the word butter…


Wow I love San Diego nice pics, keep it up I love it pic number two is awesome really cool 👍🏽😉

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@DeerCrusher doesn’t like the word butter”

That’s why I used it 😉

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Thank you!

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Butter thanks you.
Those are nice, great job!


1 hr suspension for the use of butter…

That’s my proposition. Should I start a petition??? 😜

only joking


Maybe you should 😏

Btw nice pictures @anon38496261!


Lol who doesn’t like that word

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Who really knows if that was a butter 😂 JK


great photos! Hope to see more

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One hour suspension for not using the word butter lol


Very nice butter landing on runway 028R @anon38496261


Nice pictures! Flew that route multiple times in real life on the same aircraft and the exact same rwys etc., always fun to see it simulated. :)

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Thank you! The video has been made. If you come to my channel on Monday, you’ll most likely see it!

Release date subject to change. I have a little bit of a, well, unpredictable schedule. You know…


Thank you! I noticed you changed your profile pic. It looks good!

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Thank you! I will have more in the future.

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Thank you guys for all of the kind words. It really motivates me to make more of these in the near future.

Thanks @anon38496261, made it myself.

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Even better 👍

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