San Diego to Los Angeles

B738 southwest 292.
Training server
Cruising altitude FL120


Taxi to runway 27

Takeoff over San Diego!!!



-250fpm touchdown almost on touchdown zone, you all know the 737 is so hard to land.

Taxing to Parking.

Alas parking next to spirit airlines.

Which was your favourite photo??
Let me know in the reply section.


Thankyou @Drummer for changing to to screenshots and video category.

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Do you mean FL320

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No FL120 12000 ft MSL

It takes only 30 minutes from San Diego to Los Angeles so 120 is a normal altitude for the flight. Unless you go like 6000 FPM (Which is impossible) you can’t reach FL320. The highest I flown this route was FL200 which I stayed at for a good 3 minutes before descending again.

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