San Diego to Jackson Hole ( JACKSON HOLE FLYIN/FLYOUT )

Today I took part in another event, hosted at Jackson Hole 🏔️🏔️ airport definitely a unique and scenic one for sure unfortunately all departures were taken by the time I stumbled across it so I had to fly in luckily I landed in time for the event so let’s get airborne!

Origin: San Diego Intl ( KSAN )
Destination: Jackson Hole ( KJAC )
Flight Time: 1:55
Embraer E175 ( Alaska Airlines )
Server: Expert

Walking around any plane is a special experience here we check out the E175 I’d fly up to Jackson Hole 🏔️⛰️ today as we load up cargo, snacks and most importantly, passengers!

Took off from San Diego’s 🌴 RWY 27 very windy 💨 here in San Diego so take off wasn’t exactly the best but still managed to leave without issue!

Enjoyed these amazing views over here in the southernmost area of California 🌴♥️ here we get a peek across the border into Mexico 🇲🇽 with a view of Tijuana and the airport ( MMTJ ) Which sits right on the border!

Climbed up to FL350 fly route will just take us over the California and Nevada deserts 🌵 eventually going into the Rockies 🏔️⛰️ around Utah before descending Into Jackson Hole ⛰️🏔️

Passing over Salt Lake City 🏙️ along with a view of Salt Lake City Intl Airport ( KSLC ) which sadly didn’t feel like loading in today 😥

Fast forward ⏩ a bit and now we’re turning left base for RWY 19 at Jackson Hole Airport ( KJAC ) 🏔️⛰️

Floated a bit on landing but anyways, I’d like to welcome you all to Jackson Hole, Wyoming ⛰️🌳🏕️ Wyoming may have a small population and not be as fun to live in as California, Florida 🌴 New York 🗽 or even Texas 🌵 but it sure is one of the most beautiful states in the USA 🇺🇸♥️

It’s pretty chilly 🥶 out here compared to San Diego 🌴 but Jackson Hole ⛰️🏔️ is at 6,451ft above sea level ( at least the airport is ) so there’s no surprise there but this is a lovely place to be ♥️ I’ll be spotting at Miami Intl Airport ( KMIA ) tomorrow to “celebrate” that I only have 1 week left of school and most days are half days since it’s finals, so stay tuned for that 😉 and thanks @TruKnight for this event! Loads of Fun 🤩