San Diego storm

Hey, how are you? I’m great! Yesterday I had a flyout (San Diego Storm). This was my first grade 3 flight in 2020. It was a great flight with a flight time of around 4 hours.
The flight was across the country (KSAN-KDTW) with an a321. And no, I did not butter/greased the landing.

I hope you like these photos

Flight Information

route: San Diego-Detroit
plane: Delta A321
server: expert
other information: very scenic flight, with a lot of viarity in landscapes


Standing at the gate, generating flight plan

In line for take off

steep takeoff, with a fellow a321 in the background

mountainous landscape right after takeoff

entering the desert

desert landscape, with beautiful hills

sun is slowly setting

turning base

on final with a cockpit shot

Thanks for viewing😄

See y’all later, or in the skies🛫

a HUGE thank you to @harmondrew465 for hosting the Flyout


Very nice!!

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Thank you! 😄

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did I ask?

I really like the photos. I also like how you added pictures of the scenery as well.

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Lol, thank you😊
The scenery was truly amazing

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I love the first 3 photos and all the aircraft!
Also the scenery is great and you used great angles I’ve never seen before

But you should try editing your photos to make them 1000000% better

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Some stunning pictures of the desert areas and the A321! Looking good, thanks for sharing!

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Nice shots man

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Thanks, I actually edited all of them except 3. But I’ll try to edit a bit more😄

@JulianB thanks 😊, the desert is truly beautiful from 35,000ft

@AviatorGamerYT thanks 😄



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Thanks 😊
And welcome to the community 😃. Have a pleasant stay ;)

Those are some amazing Photos!

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Thank you very much😊

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Thank you so much for attending! I think we had a half descent turnout! It was fun flying!


Ay, no problem :) it was very fun, thanks for organizing it


Nice pics! Love all the angles. Looks like it was a nice event!


I was the Alaska a320 behind you in first picture!

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Thanks :)

@Tomjuul1996, yeah… I know ;). Hope you had a pleasant flight

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Yes it absolutely was

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