San Diego Question

Hi everyone I have a question next month I will be going to San Diego California I’ve never been their so I was thinking if anybody has some good advice for me I’m not sure what to expect. I don’t know what the airport is like ether so I was hoping maybe somebody could give me some advice about the airport as well. Once again it’s my first time flying their . Thank You


Its very humid in the summer but definitely visit the aircraft carrier, Coronado Beach which on occasion has military planes landing over the beach. Everywhere around the airport is good for spotting especially the parking garage behind the south end of the airport.

I was flying to (SAN)

Is their any good plane spotting there

I went to San Diego in December of 2016, so I don’t remember much. I know for sure that you’ll want to go to sea World.

Regarding planespotting, there are a few spots. I know there are quite a few parking lots around the airport from which you can probably get some good views. Don’t quote me on it though, as I don’t remember it all as well

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Actually I’m going there for SeaWorld for vacation

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The famous parking lot right near runway 27 is a huge hit for spotters and is a popular place for plane spotters. I suggest going there for some up close shots.


Laurel Airport parking

Thank you I’ll try that

If you go again, make sure to visit when the Miramar Air Show. The Miramar Air Show is the largest military air show in the US.

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Maybe next time I’ll try that sounds like fun

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I’ll be sure to get some good airplane photos I’ll share it to everyone

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Thanks! Have fun!

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I’m going next month I’m getting excited 😄

Thank you👍🏽

I don’t like that airport
It’s too crowded because of it’s small sized terminals

IMO, not a fun place to be at

The weather there is pleasant but not the airport

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My flight is about 5 hours long so I hope i like the airport haha😄

Where are you flying from

Orlando International Airport (MCO)

I love KSAN. Can’t remember anything bad, last time I’ve been there was in April. Flew with United, clean terminal, really fast and unlimited free wifi (take a look at that KEWR), no lines, fast and efficient bag drop-off and security. As always, I recommend checking in prior arriving at the airport.

Don’t know about the LCC terminal, though.

Have a nice trip!

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