San diego bug

my iPad has crashed 3 times with the a320 when staring at san diego int. and then when I’m taxing it crashed

Does it happen every single time? does it happens in solo mode? did you try restarting your device?

Please try to find a simple set of step to reproduce the issue 100% of the time, it helps us investigating the root cause of the problem.


howmany airpleans there where flying at that moment?

I kinda had this same problem last night IPad 2 iOS 9.1 advanced server minimal traffic setting all low except airplane quality. All was fine until on approach at KSAN then it started becoming very laggy and it was about to crash. Didn’t but extremely laggy. When I took off from PSP there was a lot more traffic in the area there then SAN when I landed.

it happened almost every 3 times haven’t tried starting san diego since, and yes I did restart it ,