San Diego ATC question

When I was on advanced today I was doing a little vfr flight in my spitfire, coming in to land at KSAN. As soon as I switched to tower control, I was told to go around.image
Then after going around, back on towers frequency, I was told to maintain slowest practical speed. I was in a spitfire only going 150’ish and was told almost immediately to follow instructions. (Forgot to take a pic of that)
My question is why was this happening. Here is the controller .image

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Could be a simple misunderstanding?

Telling a spitfire to slow down even though a heavy is following you at twice the speed. That doesnt seem very simple.


What was the speed of the aircraft in front of you? Maybe whoever was controlling was concerned about you overtaking the preceding aircraft. Wasn’t there so I can’t speak but if there was another plane behind you I personally wouldn’t worry about them that’s the controllers job. I’d just follow the commands within the limits of my aircraft and hope for the best. But, I wasn’t flying so I’m sure there’s more to the story than just this🤗

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I don’t know that. Only the controller can give me the whole story.

True, just was trying to give you perspective from ATC supervisor perspective…

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I don’t have a lot of ATC practice I do atc on playground and I’m very good ( in my opinion)

I was on advanced. Sorry.

Non of that should have transpired @jreilly2311 you want to look into this?

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To my guess it was very busy. Even 150kts is quite fast for some landing jets. You must obey he was propably trying to sequence you perfectly.

Don’t worry he sound so bit pushy but means well :)