San Clemente NOLF (NOT KNUC) on IF

So I made this topic earlier

And here it is on IF
Hard to see from high. And try finding it with GA planes. I recommend cruising at 50 ft and at low speed to find the airport. Landing is hard there. You need very low speeds and high accuracy to land there. Make your plane light and activate all of the slowdown careful as the surface is not level and your plane might start going back. If you see your brakes can’t hold the plane stopped in the hilly airport, give some thrust to the engine(s)

Recommended planes
1_Super Decathlon
2_Cessna 172
3_Cirrus SR-22
4_Cessna 208
5_Cessna Citation X

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Pretty interesting IF decided to have that part of the mountain to contain the walking track there.

It’s an airport not a walking track

It’s not marked as an airport and the mountain terrain contains a part of a walking track.

Check post 8 of the listed above topic

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That’s just a strip on the terrain. It’s not an actual runway in IF. If you try this on training or advanced server, you’ll get a taxi speed violation (unless you can stop your GA plane fast enough).


Just the terrain generating a walking path.

I actually did land a C208 there without a violation. Actually I’m considering routes from Catalina and San Clemente to there for Asiana Virtual.

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Ok have fun.

Did you just say Asiana Virtual operates in SoCal?


2 more strips no name though.
The original airstrip on the island was a hard packed gravel-dirt strip located in the center of the island (2nd link).

Pretty interesting


Looks like we could get two more airstrips at San Clemente and use them with propeller aircraft.
@Henrik what do you say?

It may be added in the future, not really a big priority right now.


It is not NOLF. NOLF is naval outlying field spencer in Florida. KNUC is correct. The “airport” is most likely used for weapons testing and training since the area around the island and the island itself is a weapon range. Thi island is also used to train SEALs.

I did find an airstrip though!


And an old closed one too

This one is the original airstrip on San Clemente. I think only the C172 would be able to land in there.

Funny i saw this i was so bored today i was landing at random places on the island and seeing how long i could drive my 208 along the island