San Antonio to Phoenix

Hello guys, it’s Easy Av again! As you saw in my Phoenix to San Fransisco video (Or post), you should have saw that I wanted to do an approach into Phoenix. So that’s what we are doing today! Today, we will be flying on a low-cost carrier named Southwest, as you should know, and we will be flying West to Phoenix, AZ.
I told my Uber to drop me off in the parking lot of KSAT so I can walk and he was willing to! That’s a 75% tip there. I got out the car and walked to Terminal B, the terminal that our flight will be at.

Man, I was THIRSTY! So I went to Starbucks in the Duty-Free and got a cup of Water. Don’t ask how. I went to the gate and here is our aircraft for our flight to Phoenix!

And our seat for today is 16A! Legroom is pretty good and the seat feels decent. The seat also came with a seat pocket, which limited the legroom.

Pushback and Taxi was uneventful
Ooh! The Buzzsaw of the 737 sounds so good! Bye Bye Texas!

Climb was uneventful
At cruise, I wanted a Sprite with Southwest’s new menu item: Remy’s Graham Crackers. They were delicious! Southwest is pretty valid right now! Also, I forgot to tell that Southwest doesn’t have IFE screens, so you will need a mobile device to watch movies and TV shows. So I grabbed my phone and watched The Big Bang Theory as I devoured this meal.

Descent is happening! There was nothing special but I went to the bathroom and left my camera and the person sitting by me made sure that it didn’t get taken or touched. How loyal he is!

As we align for runway 25R, the flight attendant saw I was a YouTuber and gave me some snacks as souvenirs!

After all of this, we have made it and can finally enjoy that I have finally flew to PHX and not from. Welcome to Phoenix!

My camera died :(
This skit is inspired by Simply Aviation, a YouTuber that makes amazing Trip Reports!


How do you know that the Seat is 16 A
But nice pictures

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I search it up on the web and remember which seat or window I put the camera in.

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