San Antonio International Airport

I’m going from KSAT-KDAL in a Southwest 737-700 with wingtlets. My flight has been delayed for 3 hours. I checked flight radar 24 and i see Tennessee one is on final approach but I won’t make it to the airport in time to see it. Anything interesting to look out for? Also if anyone knows anything about Dallas Love field feel free to tell me because I have been there only a couple times.

Dallas or San Antonio?

Both. More on the side of San Antonio though.

I just reread it. Nevermind lol

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What specifically would you like to know? I go airsofting around those two airports.

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Just like special interesting things to look out for. I have a bit of time so.

There is an Aero Mexico E190 coming in from Mexico City to San Antonio in about an hour.

Last time I was at San Antonio, there was also a toy store with Revel models in there, as well as Leo brick airplane models, but I don’t know if it closed.
What concourse will you be in?

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I’m at Gate A 9. I’ll make sure to check that out as I don’t have many model planes

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And what’s your flight number? By the way you have a Frontier (Baja the Whale Shark Livery) coming in soon.

Are you flying the Tennessee one? It seems you are

I saw that frontier flight but I won’t be able to see it. And no the Tennessee one flight just arrived and I leave in 2 and a half hours

I’m at the gate right now next to an Aeromexico 737

I’m going to see that frontier flight taxi.

My favorite part of DFW are the bridged taxiways over the highway

I’m going into love field but yeah I’ve seen that before it’s pretty cool

My bad got exited about dallas and forgot to fully read lol love feild is nice too but from my experience nother too special

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I’m going to see that frontier longhorn livery taxi to its gate.

Take pictures

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There is a strong window tent but okay