Samyak_Siddhanta’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

@anon2790671 Thanks for coming

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Some feedback:
•You didn’t give me ‘make right (or left) traffic’ on any of the runway changes
•Use the pattern entry and sequencing in one message not two
•The GA could have been a bit sooner

Other than that I really enjoyed todays session.
Have a great day!!


Noted @Speedbird222 sir,Thanks for the feedback & Thanks for coming

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Attention all aircrafts , Facility is now closed.

I just revisited the session replay,I see that when you asked for a Rwy change I told you to enter either left or right downwind depending on the rwy asked for, I think that itself tells if you have to make left traffic or right traffic 😅.

Every time you have a runway change you give a direction. You told me to enter left downwind 13R so I needed to be told to go right

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@Speedbird222 Even left downing for 13R is correct, although yes right downwind would have been a better option ,but I sent you on left downwind because of other traffic .

This is correct. Giving someone a pattern entry on their runway change is not a substitute for a traffic direction on the clearance.


@Speedbird222 & @ToasterStroodie thanks for clarifying that 😅 , will keep it in mind next time . Thank you both once again.

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Airport now open @Sierra_Golf @Divyansh_Tandon @anon2790671 @Henry

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Coming !

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Coming for some patterns

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Hello @Samyak!

I was HYCO, and I have some feedback for your session at KFLL

  • 18:10:04Z: Command should have “After the option, make left traffic” added to the end.

  • 18:13:19Z: After being instructed to turn crosswind, a patt entry + sequence should’ve been issued. Also, “turn crosswind” could’ve been a tad earlier.

  • 18:18:05Z: Frequency change requested due to late exit command. Jets receive them at 60-70GS while GA aircraft receive them at 30-40GS. GS = Ground Speed.

Review the ATC Manual for assistance! Also check out Infinite Flight’s YouTube channel too!

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Thanks for the feedback & Thanks for coming @Henry, will work on those things for sure.

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I’ll head over for some patterns

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Good job there! However here are some things i noted:

  1. First pattern was perfect no issues in that!

  2. In the second pattern when i changed to rwy 10 r the sequence behind @Varunsehdev came a bit late i knew you were gonna put me behind him thats why i was extending my crosswind, but an early sequence would be better.

  3. When you issuesd takeoff clearance to speedbird 1986 you didn’t mention left or right traffic you just gave him an immediate takeoff clearance, also his sequencing was also a little late but it doesn’t matter as there were not many aircrafts so it worked also i believe he called inbound for landing you should have just cleared him to land clearance for option not required if an aircraft calls inbound for landing.

  4. Lastly i think that GA was not necessary as @Varunsehdev already exited the rwy i suppose but im not too sure about that.

Overall you did good just keep tgese small things in mind and you’ll be perfect! Keep up the good work

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Thanks for coming & thanks for the feedback @Divyansh_Tandon, will surely work on those. Regarding the GA ,I issued that one as @Varunsehdev had stopped at the end of the rwy,it was after issuing you a GA that he vacated the rwy .

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Hey! I stopped by as G-TJRA for a few patterns just now. Some points to note from my end:

  • Nice extend upwind usage when HYCO requested change to R whilst we were both on upwind.

  • You handled my runway changes well!

  • Might be good to try and combine both pattern entries and sequencing where possible. You will find this under the pattern instructions tab. It simply saves you time and won’t clog up, especially when you are handling multiple aircraft. e.g. “G-TJRA, enter right downwind 10R, no 2, traffic to follow is on right downwind”.

  • Just remember to give the traffic directions when aircraft are inbound for first touch and go or runway change. You did eventually issue me a direction on my change to R, although just try to remember this for the first time round to avoid sending multiple commands.

  • My extend downwind was a tad unnecessary in my opinion. I was already sequenced behind VS and would’ve maintained adequate separation. I can see from your point why it was issued though, however try to trust the pilots more as they are responsible for separation.

  • Well-timed exit command.

I’m sure you’ll perfect these small things in no time. Hopefully see you controlling in the expert skies soon! Nice one.


Thanks for coming & thanks for the feedback @ThomasR, will surely work on those things .

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Sorry guys had to leave urgently for some work, thank you everyone for coming.