Samyak_Siddhanta’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hello there!
I welcome you all to my ATC tracking thread. I have passed my IFATC written test and now controlling to improve my skills before my practical . Feel free to hop over and fly some patterns. All feedback welcome.

Hope to see you all fying soon !

Currently Open :-  N/A
Server :- Training
Runways in use :-  N/A

Airport now open

Feel free to tag for next time :)

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Noted @Henry

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When are you next open btw

Evening i will open once again ,will tag you that time

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I am coming by for some patterns @Samyak

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I am off to sleep lol 😂
Maybe in the evening i may join you!!

When r u open till

First of all you are great! Almost everything was perfect just needs a bit refining!
Here are some things that i noted:

  1. During my first patter the sequencing came a little bit late you should sequence as soon as as possible considering there was only one aircraft on left downwind i should have received sequencing in the upwind only but i got it on late crosswind, although its a minor thing still just saying.

  2. You first cleared me to land, but you corrected it with clearing me for option so great job there!

3.good job on my rwy change request there to make me enter right traffic pattern, but if there’s a rwy change you should mention left or right traffic after clearing for option which you didn’t.

  1. Great work for my transition request and landing request too!!

Overall you did agreat job! Keep it up!! Feel free to tag me next time when you open!


Closing in 5 @anon2790671,Should i tag you next time I open?

Yes. Will try and pop in

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Thanks for the feedback @Divyansh_Tandon,will surely work on my shortcomings.Thanks once again.

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Great controlling, Acted great to runway change and go-around. Keep it up 🥳

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Attention all aircrafts, Dubai Ground & Tower is now closed.

Thanks for the feedback @Sanket_Gawade .Should i tag you next time I open ?

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Yes Np sir

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Wilco @Sierra_Golf

Now open at OMAA @anon2790671 , @Divyansh_Tandon, @Henry, @Sierra_Golf

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You handled me well @Samyak. Thanks for opening

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