Samsung tablet ideas for gameplay

Hey so I have a Samsung tablet 8.0 threw tmobile and i cant seem to be able to get Infinite Flight to run smooth or look like its not from the 90’s. I got the tablet with my Galaxy S8 “awesome for infinite” so you would think the tablet would be able to keep up with my phone if not better. I deleted all apps I could and cleared cache even factory reset. Does anybody have any ideas or a solution to help this issue? i.e program download or graphic booster anything please help! Thank you guys!

Have you tried restarting your device?


If you have got the S8, then use it. The S8 is way better than your tablet in terms of performance.

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Which Samsung tablet is it?

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yes i even factory reset it and it so terrible like nintendo graphics and very jumpy

I am using the s8 but i would like to use the tablet so my phone is still accessible. its the samsung galaxy tab e 7.1.1 android version and the model number is sm-t377t


You said you cleared cache, how much data is available on your device? Is your device jailbroken?

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Your tablet have too low performance. That’s the problem, and there’s not much to do about it i’m afraid. The more you lower the graphics, the better it will work.

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is there anythng i can download that will give the tablet better graphics? I don’t understand why they would put out a tablet that cant keep up ya know? I can understand if this was 5 or 6 years old but its 4 months old. lol so I guess it is just flying on the s8 and the tablet can handle slack liveflight. @schyllberg if you can think of aby2 ideas or tips, tricks I would greatly appreciate it.

Some Samsung tablets have a Game Mode (or something similar) which is software to help the performance of games. Not sure if your device supports it or not, but that’s all i can think of… The device may be only 4 months old, but the model is around 2 years old and was produced as a mid-range tablet. Unfortunately, electronics doesn’t age well.

Your tablet processing power is way too low. Unfortunately nothing you can do really to improve that. If you wanna run IF smooth on Max Setting on tablet your best bet is any tablet with a Snapdragon 820 processor or above. In the Apple world any tablet with A9 processor or above with at least 2GB of ram.

IF is very demanding game in terms of power.

Thanks everyone I appreciate all the input. In closing I have learned that I need to switch to Apple. It truly sounds like im missing out with my samsung. Can i download snap dragon btw?

If you want to buy a Samsung tablet with high performance you should buy Samsung galaxy tab s3. I have an apple Ipad Wifi 5th gen. It runs Infinite Flight smoothly with all the graphics and airplane count on the highest. it cost only 329$

As a couple of people said, the best Samsung Tablet you can get is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3.

     *  Snapdragon 820: Quad-core processor (2x2.15 GHz Kryo & 2x1.6 GHz Kryo)
     *  Adreno 530 GPU (one of the best for mobile devices)
     *  4GB RAM (more than enough)

My recommendation!