Samsung Tab S7 and IF

Question and it is a simple one
is anybody using a Tab S7 with
the 11" screen for IF and if so

does the sim display ok on a 11 inch screen
without any bad stretching or distortion ?

the display aspect ratio is 16:10

( I currently use a Tab S4 with a 10.5" screen at 16:10 and its good.)

thats it, does IF look ok on the 11" screen ?


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I don’t have this tablet, but it should work fine and fit your screen.

I have an iPad Pro of the same dimensions. It also has an 11 inch screen, and the sim works perfectly fine on my device. I’m sure it will work great on yours as well


I heard some saying the performance on the S7 wasn’t the greatest, but screenwise I didn’t hear any complaints (I mean it’s Samsung with their juicy AMOLEDs) Over all probably the best Android option for IF

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Interesting query @phoenix74

Not to worry, the Tab S7 actually has the same aspect ratio and resolution as your current Tab S4, so it will look almost exactly the same. However the S7 will run more smoothly than your current device when running IF and basically anything as a whole. It’s an absolutely excellent tablet.

Infinite flight is pretty darn good at fitting any aspect ratio (my Pixel C has an odd one and it scales fine) so it’s not something to worry about.

If you want a little more info, someone has been kind enough to leave a review on both the standard and plus sized models on the compatibility thread which I have linked below for you. May be slightly outdated as the tablets have just received OneUI3.1


I personally have a tab S7 , check out this link before you get one . Low resolution/Blurry screen when gaming | XDA Forums

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its not a Amoled
the Tab S7+ i s with a 12.4 inch screen is.
the Tab 7 is a LED like the Tab S4 and Tab S6

The processor and chip set is much better than my Tab S4 and that runs fine with IF settings maxed out

Thanks looks like the 11" should be no different than my 10.5" screen the aspect ratio is the same
Thanks very much for your input !!

Thanks, thats the IF settings I use now with the S4
I do get a little lag or a skip or stutter once in awhile and a refresh helps ? So yes i think it should run smoother with the S7 , more power and RAM.

The display was my concern, but the answer is been in front of my face so sorry to bug everybody
the Aspect ratio is the same and resolution so you are right it will not be stretched out.

Thank you for the help !

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