Samsung tab A7

hey, i thinking of upgrading my tablet to a Samsung A7, would the A7 be a good device to play IF on ?


The A7 isn’t featured in that thread

Go what the specifications of the A7 on the internet

I’m not too sure myself. I too am considering it. It’s very affordable and has a good specs

I think will run good but not on high grafics

The specs of the Tab A7 and the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 (which is already featured on the device compatibility thread) are similar, with the Tab A7 being newer and slightly better. You should get around the same performance, maybe slightly better. I would PM @Othman_Asli and ask him how it performs on v21.1 tho.


hello, about the Xiaomi R7, I have stopped using it 1 year ago. Time passes and technology is evolving fast as with updates. Today I am using an iPad Pro. I imagine that there will be no problem in using the Xiami but you will have graphics and performance limitations.

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