Samsung tab A7

Hello. I just got a Samsung Galaxy tab A7 as present. It has 64 gig internal storage. When I fly on the expert I noticed lag. I want to put a 256 gig microsd card in it. Does it solve this problem a bit?

Greetz Jeff

Try turning you graphics settings down. Aircraft count and make sure you have Low Power Mode on. That also helps with the lag.

I’ll try. But is it smart to extent it with the 256 gig sd card?

Extending your tablet with extra storage will not help your memory (RAM). It should help with increased recordings and replays that you can keep, but not necessarily help with the performance of your device.

Hope this helps!

Thanks, I’ll see how I can manage it.

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Hey there! Available device storage does not necessarily affect performance. Below I will list some general tips which may help decrease lag.

  • Turn Limit Frame Rate ON (box should be ticked). This helps to prevent unnecessary strain on the device. A device with too much strain is more likely to suffer performance degradation, which could lead to lag and app crashes.

  • Infinite Flight doesn’t take up a specific amount of storage. It can change depending on the area you’re flying in, conditions, etc.

  • Before longer flights, it is advised to reboot your device and close any apps running in the background. This helps to clear device cache and can squash small bugs.

  • You should always try to use as little power as possible. One way to accomplish this is lower your screen brightness, and ensure Infinite Flight’s low power mode is enabled.

  • Lower Infinite Flight graphics and performance settings

    1. Lower the Rendering Resolution setting.
    2. Disable Anti-Aliasing.
    3. Lower the Rendering Quality setting.
    4. Lower the Texture Quality setting.
    5. Lower Airplane count.

Please let me know if you need anything else!

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I have a tab A. Here is something. When you are at an airport with above 10 planes have your graphics settings to low. When you get above 5000 turn your graphics to high. It works it prevents lagging and crashing. Also same on the arivial end. For replays always high

Thanks, i’ll try what you suggested