Samsung Tab 9 vs 9 FE

Hello everyone.

I am planning to buy a tablet, mainly for IF. I know that the tab 9 is a very good tablet for IF. There is also the FE version that is 1000$ cheaper. Anyone have an experience with FE for IF. Is it as good as the tab 9 for IF ?


I have never used the device, but looking up benchmarks and reviews it looks like the processor is a major area they decided to cut costs. I think it could struggle to handle more intensive gaming but may be able to handle IF with the settings turned down. Longevity could be an issue. The benchmarks look roughly comparable to an iPhone 6 which while benchmarks are hardly everything that isn’t an impressive comparison for sure.

If anyone has first hand information with the device though I would be interested to hear how it stands up.

Also if anyone looking at this has experience with this device or others drop them in this mega thread to share with others and help people make these decisions!

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