Samsung tab 6 lite questions

Good Afternoon pilots

I really have no issue with anyone shutting this down right away but could someone who has experience with a Samsung s6 lite with IF please message me for a few questions.

I did look at previous conversations on this tablet and the review and while it was good information, I am hoping for a more thorough look. I appreciate it guys. Hope everyone’s Friday night flying is going well!



I researched a new device recently, including the Tab 6 lite, which is obviously attractive from a price point of view.

However the number of reviews that pointed towards low performance with graphically heavy games decided it… A no no.

You want a tablet that can run IF and cheap, the samsung A7 medium everything accept high on airport objects works great. The samsung A71 (phone) is also a great alternative.

I’ve ordered it last week after I found out my old device is a 32bit. For me the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite runs IF like a dream. I got all my graphics settings on ‘high’, anti-aliasing on and frame rate limit at 60fps. I must say I’ve not been to busy airports yet.

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