Samsung S9 overnight

Hey everyone I was planning to do a long haul overnight with a 787 but I am not sure if my Samsung Galaxy S9 is capable of doing it without leaving it on charge. I usually never charge my phone overnight, because of battery degrading, etc. I was planning to do a flight from SFO to PVG which is like 13 hours and I was just asking anyone who has the same phone as me if its fine to do a flight that length without a charge. Anyway thanks!


One thing (Or multiple) I will suggest if that you use limit frame rate along with low power mode and that you turn the brightness down on your decide once at cruise. Every little helps!


Personally I wouldn’t recommend not having it on charge. Even with the screen dimmed and audio turned as low as possible you are running the risk of the battery getting to a level that might force the app to close or change device performance. This is hypothetically speaking though. There’s too much risk and little reward to attempt that without a charge.


I watched my S9 the other day and did 2 legs from 100 percent battery. From CLT to ATL and then ATL to MEM.

It went down to 80 percent

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I mean I do put the quality all the way low, lock the brightness all the way off and I use the gaming lock mode thing where the screen is just black until you touch it.

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I highly doubt it will last more than a few hours on just the battery. Good luck though.

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Actually @Patria you’d be surprised at how much battery life you get out of some devices particularly newer with good batteries. Limiting Frame Rate (enabled in IF), Low Power Mode (enabled in IF), lowering screen brightness and audio all work wonders together.


You can do that aswell but no I mean turn the brightness down on your device and enable automatic low power on IF. Good luck :)


Alright guys so I barely slept, and when I woke up in the middle of the night, 5 hours in at 70%, my phone stopped. Anyway being the dumbo that I am, I forgot that I used to charge my phone through a low power usb port (basically through my tv, please don’t judge me lol) to charge my phone slowly while flying so I don’t overcharge but I don’t have it anymore. I was going to ask everyone one more question, does anyone know like an outlet that I can control what time power goes in and out, like a schedule so I don’t overcharge? Or an outlet that I can control power output? It would really be awesome to know if one of them exists. Thanks!

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I do it in a S8…turn bright screen to the lowest.

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You were able to do a 13 hour flight no charge? It’s because I did the same thing I dunno why it drained so fast.

Your battery have 3000mAh? I do 12h flight one time with the save battery mode enabled and the lowest bright.

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I have 3000 yes

Define over charge? Don’t your outlets cut off power once the device is full?

I have a S9+ and I always keep it on charge.

Always sensible to keep a device on charge when on a long haul flight even when the frame rate is limited screen dimmed etc. I have a S9 and it is generally quiet good with managing its temperature when it begins to drip charge so i thought that would be another thing to put your mind at ease with. I usually put my device on the fast charge pad that way the outlet cuts out like @Chatta290 said above i am not to sure about mains cable charging not quiet my speciality

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I’ve racked up 350+ hours of flying with my Galaxy A8(2018). I keep it plugged in over night and the battery is still fine almost a year later


Like when you just leave it charging overnight, and it goes onto trickle charge.

You have battery degredation wrong. Using your battery for electricty is the only thing causing it to degrade. Once your device is fully charged the motherboard relies on the plug to provide power solely. Using less battery is what will keep your battery healthy. Not plugging it in is what will cause your battery life to decline rapidly. So your whole logic for not plugging your phone in overnight is what will actually cause what you are trying to prevent.

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What do you mean using battery for electricity?