Samsung S9+ app keeps crashing since 19.2 update.

Hi guys. I have a Samsung S9+ that I’ve had some issues with running Infinite Flight since the update.

Here’s what’s happening.
So at least three times now I’ve be flying long haul trying to do the route KMEM-PANC in a 77F and about 2 hours from landing the app just quits takes me to my homescreen then when I go back to it the screen is blank and I have to close the app.
I’ve installed the Android hotfix and it’s done it since then, I’ve uninstalled the app reinstalled it and it’s done it, I’ve even done a factory reset on my phone and it’s just done it again
I have about 2.6gb of memory free and 30+gig of free internal storage.

Any idea?


Is this since the 19.2 update or the navigation update today

The 19.2 update sorry. I’ve changed the title. :)

Have you tried restarting your device? I typically restart my device after each flight.

Yep. Restarted it countless times :)
I flew the 208 on a 1.5 hour flight yesterday without a problem. Maybe I’m just not meant to fly KMEM-PANC.

I’m going to fly an overnight on casual and see what happens.

The OP has said that he has even done a factory reset, which involves restarting the device.

To @JerseyAnt, try going into Settings -> Apps, here look for Infinite flight and tap on it. Ensure “Allow Background Activity” is ticked, then go into “Optimize battery usage”, look for Infinite Flight and switch it off.

This is the only thing I can think of, let me know if it helps :)


Happened to me too. Samsung S9+ freeze and need to wait for several minutes to reconnect to the live server eventough on stable and fast wifi connection. Uninstall and install is still the same, no change. I’ve occurred this problem since 19.2 update.

@JerseyAnt In Settings -> Live. What is “Airplane Count” set at?

Sorry guys I was asleep :)

I have the airplane count on medium but this happens during flight when there aren’t many planes in the vicinity of where I am. @ValXp

Ok so “Allow background activity” was on but “Optimised Battery usage” was also on. I’ve turned that off and for Infinite flight Assistant and Operations as them two also used to stop working. @jakcharvat

Problem maybe solved thank for all your help guys. I’m going to do another long haul flight and will report back. :D 🤞

So 2 long hauls later and it appears to be fixed. Thank you guys for all your help.