Samsung S8 screen burn in


just noticed that my s8 has a bit of burn in with the little camera view icon and the icon which looks like 3 lines on top of it (which menu).i have just started flight right now, is it wise to stop and use the Amoled fixer app?

Unfortunately, burn in on AMOLED screens is permanent, and cannot be fixed.

You can help prevent the problem from getting worse by using the scenic camera view on long flights and setting the interface to timeout. Reducing your screen brightness also helps.


As said above this is permanent. The only solution is a new phone or to replace the screen (get an iPhone!)


Apple doesn’t use AMOLED screens.


i’m surprised those icons have burned in. i set that interface menu to time out…

i’m not sure its burn in. it a pinkish color.

This will happen with all AMOLED. The advice I have from owning a Note 8 is to never have your screen over 40% for IF even when taking off or landing, have interfsce timeout set to 2 second intervals and then have the status bar go out with your user interface timeout. One lst thing you should do is have your flight at cruise be in scenic #2 view to keep it moving. You are noticing the white markers first (and frankly the only ones to do this with IF). Another thing you can do is lower screen birghtness all the way after at cruise and also have game screen lock in effect so it dims the screen even further. This also helps save battery.

They do. From the X up is AMOLED bought from Samsung so they are prone to it as well.

Only the X is AMOLED. Either way if you take care of your phone burn in won’t happen. Scenic mode, interface timeout, and low brightness is the way to go

May I ask what this is ?

Is this thing covered under warranty?

I believe it is.

If you want to know what AMOLED burn in is then Google “AMOLED burn in”.

OLED (and AMOLED) burn-in is physical display damage when there’s a kind of permanent mark “ghosting” of a text/interface on the screen. This only happens if you leave your phone on the same display interface for long periods of time, leaving permanent “footprints” on your display.


I think display damages aren’t covered by the warranty—I might be wrong though.
Meanwhile, you may want to find your device’s IMEI and paste it here to check if it still has an ongoing warranty.

To find your IMEI:

  1. go to phone dialler
  2. Type in * # 0 6 #
    It looks like a 15 (or 16?) digit number. It’s your phone’s serial number (think of it like a credit card): no other phones have the same IMEI as yours.

Just checked. Samsung covers it. One user even had the screen replaced after the warranty had ended.

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I recommend sending this issue to the Samsung Support Group. Reading the commentary above this issue is not related to Infinite Flight.

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Whilst the issue is sometimes covered by Samsung, it’s a rare case, especially on a 3yr old phone. If it were the UI elements, such as the navigation bar I could understand it being covered. However there are numerous forums and articles that state what burn in is, and how to avoid it.
I’ve had my Pixel 2XL for nearly 2 years now, and they had some serious burn in issues on the early models, but mine has none because I’ve taken care of it and kept the brightness low.

Infinite flight already has countermeasures in place, such as moving camera angles and an interface time out, so it’s left to the user to make sure they utilize this 🤷


That’s strange. I have the S9 and it will timeout automatically after 15 minutes. I do a lot of overnight long haul flights, and never have an issue with screen burn. I would strongly suggest sticking with Samsung for performance and image quality.


You’re fine even with the newer iPhones. More reason to use Apple, apparently Apple is better at Samsung’s technology than Samsung haha