Samsung s7 issue (Very hot)

My samsung s7 with remaining 23,6/32GB. But it gets soooo hot when i play i can’t even play 20 mins, oh wait i did a flight Emirates, Dubai to Doha it took 33 minutes, it was my first flight but idk why it gets so hot… can someone please help

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Hello! Please try doing these things below:

  • hide minimap, it has performance problems, we will most likely have a fix in the next update
  • turn off Anti Aliasing (graphics settings)
  • set “rendering resolution” to medium or low (graphics settings)
  • set “rendering quality” to medium or low (graphics settings)
  • make sure “Limit FPS” stays on (this should always be on even with recent device to avoid overheating or draining your battery)
  • reduce Live airplane count (Live settings)
  • go to a less busy server/area

Thanks and hope to see you in the skies soon!



Hello! please read this to make sure your device doesn’t get hot.

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How do you hide “minimap”?

But does the terrain gets bader?

Depends on what you mean

If u set to medium thing

Thats answered in the comments of that post

Yes I’m afraid it will. There are sacrifices you have to make to get a good, smooth gameplay

Oh ok😣 ill try but thanks

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