Samsung S7 FPS

I was doing a flight on my Samsung S7 recently and the frames went down a bit, so I put the frame rate up to 60 FPS, it says 60 FPS can cause the device to overheat and It didn’t overheat that much.
My question is, should I keep the frame rate at 60 for a better play experience or should I play it safe and go 30 FPS?

On the S7, i would definitely stick to 30 FPS for the most stable experience.
I don’t use the 60 FPS option on any of my devices. (iPhone 13 Pro, iPad Pro M1, Samsung Galaxy Tab S7).

Stick to 30 fps. You’ll notice no difference anyway.

Also just to clarify, this is a phone and not a tab S7

For me there was quite a difference, it was a lot smoother when on 60FPS, and it didn’t overheat too much (although it was just a quick hop KLAX-KSFO)

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If its good then fine. Enjoy.👍

I use the 60fps option, and it feels a lot smoother, so if you’re doing a short 2 hours hop, I’d definitely recommend using it. If you’re planning on doing an overnight long haul, however, I would set it to 30fps because you’d probably be sleeping, thus it wouldn’t matter if the game is running at 1000fps or 1 frame per hour.


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