Samsung s7 edge

Hey everyone I’m back. My iPhone 6 broke so I got the Samsung s7 edge I love the phone but I need to start IF all over but it’s OK. Is IF good on Samsung s7 edge ? Maybe you guys can help me out if it’s wroth to satyr with Samsung or go back to Apple thanks. Happy landings !


As an apple fanboy I can’t say anything else than to go back to iPhone ;)


@Benny_Teitelbaum Is the S7 Edge the same as the Galaxy S7?

It is.

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@Benny_Teitelbaum Look here:

I hope the 7 is better than the 5, I can’t even play with the icons and names on without my game crashing.

What have you had to start again with? If you mean IF Live user stats then you can just sign in with the same account :)

No the screen has a edge on both sides

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