Samsung S6 Lagging

Hey Guys

Firstly, awesome game, been going at it for more than 2 years. However, ive just got my new phone, and found that the games lags a bit on the Samsung S6, is this a known issue?

It has to do with the latest Android version. I assume you know to long press the Home button and close all programs.
What you could try is go to settings - Graphics - and change your resolution to Medium.

Hi Thomas

thanks for those, tried to change graphics, and that didnt do anything, even on the lower graphics settings, it was still jumpy (lagging)

I have checked the opened apps to make sure they are all closed, ive also taken a look to see what background apps are used. so im quite stumped as to why, because my older phone the LG G2 (Android 5.0.1) didnt have any lagging problems.

The Samsung S6 has Android 5.1.1 installed.

Here is something Phillip mentioned in another post Massive lag - #15 by philippe

Since the last update, the frame lag I was experiencing has calmed down quite a bit on my Note 3. I still get some frame lag at some major airports, but little to none elsewhere. Try turning down your airplane count.
Here are my settings

Samsung had brought in some new bugs causing poor performance and crashing on some of their devices with the latest Lollipop firmware. The only work around until Samsung releases a fix is to perform a factory reset. Its slow and everything must be reinstalled again, but its been reported to resolve the problems. Don’t worry you cannot be charge again for anything as long as you use the same Play store ID, and had no refunds.

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My Device is Samsung and I’m a Lollipop User but I don’t found that IF make My Phone lags