Samsung s24 is here

Samsung s24 is here. Imagine how the Ultra will run IF. Looking forward to test it on IF with 60fps


Uh, never been a fan of Samsung, had an S22 Ultra and it looked soo weird and the whole Android thing so I to me an iPhone will always be the winner but if you like Samsung you can nothing bad about that



i have always been a apple user and then got a old samsung from my dad. then, i got a iphone 14 is witch what im using


but yeah if you like samsung that’s fine!

Same, got the 22 and then got the 14 pro, infinitely better (mostly due to camera and software)

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Samsung > Apple

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Well I’m mixed. I have an Apple IPad, and an Acer Chromebook, so…

Not the best place for smartphone discussion, though the enthusiasm is appreciated!