Samsung Note 8 WQHD Display

I just got a Note 8 and on my first flight I noticed how the AP buttons have their pop up boxes to show the rate of your selections show up on the left side of screen instead of the right side of the buttons. This resulting in the left thumb covering up the changes. Below I attached a screenshot.

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Well, that’s not the most optimal placement for sure.
Just for the sake of it, have you tried a simple restart? Just so it isn’t a one-time random hiccup.

Never mind the above, i was tricked by a fellow mod… @Chris_S - i’ll get you back on this. Lol
Thanks for the report!


This should help.

Yeah I’ve been in the same boat since I got one last month. Hoping for a cure!

It was already on and this problem was happening in both with the cropped screen and the full screen.

This issues was raised before and the previous topic was closed without any response from the devs. Let’s leave it here.

I’m also curious about this.

No. That was a different issue which has to do with the design of the device.

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To answer that one I had that at default too, but there is an option when you open the game where you have your game bar and can set it full screen which is what I have it doing presently. This issue comes from both full and cropped screen (I have tried both)

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Issue has been resolved in latest update.