Samsung j3 issue

can someone help me?
I have the Samsung j3 and when the global update came out I could play for about 4 weeks.
after 4 weeks the problems came
infinite flight always gets stuck so I can not play anymore. Help me!

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The issue is it’s not a very powerful device meaning it will naturally struggle to run infinite flight.

The only solution would be to clear the ram before every flight and lower the settings.

I also believe that it’s not supported for global although I could be wrong.

Lower your graphics settings, reinstall the app or factory-reset your device. Your phone should be able to run it on low graphics.

I’ve done that many times but it doesn’t work

If even a factory-reset didn’t help then something must have happened to the device itself. Maybe it got damaged by something else.

If possible plan to invest in a better device.

I dropped my phone and then the screen broke

This isn’t going anywhere. Answers have been given :)