Samsung Hands Out Free Note 8s on Iberia Flight

Samsung handed out 200 free Note 8s to passengers on this lucky flight from Madrid to A Coruña. I personally think that this is a nice gesture from Samsung (especially after the Note 7).


Whaaaat :O

Why though? I mean yea they’ll say it was just a promotional thing but I mean I can’t really imagine this happening out of kindness…

I’m just saying maybe there was a reason or a motive?


Maybe there was not enough spanish buyers of the note 8 so they just give it 🤗


Business technique: Hand out free Note 8s on your airline to increase sales, and hand out Note 7s on other airlines to eliminate the competition!

DON’T DO THIS. if you really needed the disclaimer to tell you not to, please seek help


What do you want me to not do?

Interesting? I wonder if they can do that with the iPhone X


You got me good

@GaplessHiding, because of the exploding part y’know 😃.

Really handing these out is a publicity stunt for PR, was it Samsung or the airline? Not sure it’s really aviation related :|


😂 yeah, that wouldn’t work so well on a flight.

What? That’s interesting… I ouldve been on that flight if I knew!

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Lucky lucky! Samsung needs this advertising after their battery issue.

If I was to get one, I’d sell it and buy a iPhone X.

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Nah, I’d keep it.

not much of an Apple fan

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Suprised they gave it out on a short haul european flight. Considering Samsung is a Korean based company, if they wanted to hand out free device’s I’d expect them to hand it on a long haul flight to/from Korea.

Btw, what if someone was in the bathroom while they were handing out the free phones and forgot about that person? 😂


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