Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 lite

Hello, does the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 lite works perfectly on long hauls on IF? Thank you :)

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I think it would work for long hauls!

Have a look here! It shows the best settings for long haul flights for your device!

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Yeah, I know. To be honest I think is kinda outdated (not being offensive). So I’m looking for opinions

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I play IF on the S6 Lite and I am very happy with the performance. If you set the airplane count to high it could lag, but otherwise always top performance

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So this is a good option in other words…

It was last updated 3 days ago, though.

Ok, thanks all for the opinions.

gonna but it

@ThomasThePro has the same device, feel free to ask him too!!

It’s only as up to date as the information I’m provided with 😅

You’re always welcome to PM anyone that has listed a device for a more in depth review if they are willing.

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