Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

Hey guys.
Does someone has any experience about the tablet above and IF? As I’m about to buy it, would be happy to have some experience in advance.
@Mods: Maybe it’s wrong over here, but I don’t know where to post it.

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Put it in #general.
I don’t have the Galaxy Tab S2, but if you look at the specs, it should run IF smoothly. Maybe not at the highest settings, but it should be able to handle it.

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I want to have it on the highest settings:)

Maybe @Aquila could help you :)


Oh my goodness. You found that in there? Lol.

That was in the era of pre-global. In this global era it will only run smooth at lowest settings and no AA. At medium its around 20fps if you’re not surrounded by traffic. Forget about high, the framerate is in the single digits most of the time.

So no, it is not adequate for the current version for max settings. And that was at best too. I really didn’t use it for anything else. It now sees use as a flight deck laptop of sorts, even about the same size as one actually. Have my charts and digital OFP displayed on it.

I got an iPad Pro 10" last week. Even at a packed airport with highest plane count it performs flawlessly. Also replaced my Mini 2 that I was using for Foreflight so the investment serves a dual purpose and is well worth it for me.


Hi I have it now. Unfortunately you can’t enjoy IF global on full setting on 8.0 version. It worked very well before global, but now - NO ☹. I’m going to buy Ipad soon.

How is it working on a normal iPad (not the pro)

Idk. I played on brother’s Ipad Pro (yes It’s PRO) 9.7 and it was cool!
• You can see planes on final 5 or 7 miles away
• You can zoom your free camera
• It’s bigger then 8.0 screen ( that means it’s cooler
• IOS devices haven’t inbuld IF recorder ( ----- BIG MINUS)

I dont have that specific tablet but you need to look at gow fast how much storage it has. The phone i use the Huawei Mate 10 pro has 128GB storage and 6GB RAM. There isnt one peice of lag on the game for me. For your tablet you want atleast 4GB RAM and atleast 32GB internal storage

I say that this tablet is 400(ish), for this price I uae an Ipad mini 4 runs full setings nobprobems, eaven with max aircraft genrated at LAX or somthing. Would definitly recomend it of you want a tablet

Don’t make that a discussion on what tablet he should buy guys. He was asking about a specific device.
If you are looking for good tablets, then just search through the forum. There’s a lot of topics about that.

I have IPad Wifi 5th generation and it works with all the graphics and airplane count on high! Really recommend it!

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Thanks for all the answers and recommendations. A mod can close it here.

I returned my S2 last week as I was very disappointed and am getting I pad pro today. Can’t wait. ( even more now after reading your comments) Thanks


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