Samsung galaxy tab a6 10.1 inch

I just wanted to know, since im purchasing a new tablet which is the samsung galaxy tab a6 10.1 inch on what performance on this device is like on global. And if it can handle the graphics on high.

Google is your answer. Did a quick research on that tablet and, no it cannot. You would have to turn all settings down as that Tablet is OS : Android Lollipop 5.0… while globals minimum requirements for android is well… android 5.0 lollipop. Now your device has 1.5GB of internal memory meaning, with all the other apps in the background including your OS System running (runs about 900mbs), plus other apps, you will technically have 200-300 mbs of memory, which you would need at least 500 mbs to run a smooth flight.

I used this website which took me a good 30 seconds to find out.

Is it the same for the 10.1 inch a6 model running android 7.0?

The 10.1 inch model has enough RAM and the processor should be good enough, but the GPU for this thing is not the best.
If you want to buy a new device and want to have some advice, then feel free to PM me.

Lollipop? My school tab is the A6 SMT-585 and it’s on Nougat. It has 3412 on Multicore tests on Geekbench so maybe it would be a bit OK.

Yup, better specs are available here

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