Samsung Galaxy S7

It’s not just him either. There is a very large Android community here 😘

@Patria screen burn in is caused when your pixels are forced to stay in the same screen for a prolonged amount of time, such as your home screen or HUD on IF. Whilst it doesn’t mean you’ll have a massive HUD sized burn in on your screen, it is usually quite faint but noticeable. The S7 only has a moving always on display, therefore normal usage is pretty much the only way to cause burn in, unless you accidentally leave your phone on overnight (set your screen to turn off after about 2 minutes)
Scenic view will definitely counter the burn in, it’s what I use in my own device which has a P-OLED as opposed to an AMOLED.

Also in regards to the short hauls, it takes a prolonged usage on the same screen repeatedly for it to burn. Doing a 1hr flight in cockpit or HUD wouldn’t cause any problems at all. I’d just recommend to keep your brightness lower than Maximum as a precaution.

Unless anyone else has something constructive to say besides “the S7 runs IF great!”, I think this thread is now finished 🧐

Glad I could be of help!


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