Samsung Galaxy S7


Hey community, I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy S7 online. Does anybody know if this device will run IF decently?

Thank you kindly.


I think Samsung Galaxy S7 can run.


This thread doesn’t have the S7, but I don’t think there’s much of a difference between the S7 and S8. I’d say you’re are fine. That being said, if you do run it, filling out the thread would be a great help for other potential S7 users. Cheers :)


You think it can run on high graphics?


@Kirito_77 and @Starley, would be your guys at service here.

They have great amount of knowledge when it comes to device compatibility and would surely be able to help you out ;)


I owned a S7 and the S7 is capable of running IF in global with graphics high. You will have to lower the airplane count at busy airport though.


@Patria I wouldn’t doubt it. I think the best way is to run it yourself haha. If you encounter any problems(not to do with graphics), I’m pretty sure the mods or devs would be more than happy to help.


Got my new phone today and got to say, I just tested it on high graphics and it is a totally different simulator now. There are sunsets! The light reflects off the wings! I can see airport lights nearby. This is a totally different experience and I had no idea at all that infinite flight was this amazing!


Yes the S7 can definitely run I.F. smoothly with no lag


Yes, the S7 runs without problems IF. Have good flights! ✈️


No need to say it twice🙂


I’m sorry, I didn’t think it would bother you 🙂


This thread can be closed. Thank you ladies and/or gents!


Its definitely a different view, graphics are great with samsungs!

Just make sure you avoid screen burn in - on your long haul flights!!


Screen burn in? Can this cause damage? I have a mini fan, would this help to keep it on it?


Was reading a bit about they, do you guys think that having the flight on motion mode were the camera is constantly moving will counter this?


Just choose the scenic-view and you will be fine. On overnight flights, I recommend you to set all graphics settings to low so that the phone does not get warm. Once you wake up, turn them back to max and land the plane. :)


Will do, thank you, Starley. One more question, I usually only do very short hauls these days, about an hour or less, do I still need to have it on motion mode for that? I often look around the cockpit thought these flights as well.


cough Starley loves android cough


From my experience, I’ve never had a problem with the Samsung S7 for IF, it worked perfectly fine for me. I’ve only just recently switched from Samsung to iPhone (due to a phone upgrade).