Samsung Galaxy S7 not supported in Global?

I have Samsung Galaxy S7, Android 7.0, no root, no custom ROM. New Infinite Flight update is not compatible with my device. Please help.

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That’s odd, I use the s7 edge and it works fine for me. Do you have OpenGL ES 3.0?

This has been addressed. It is a known issue and I believe the devs are looking into it.

I have an s7 edge and can’t install it either.

The s7 worked for me

You need to have Open GL ES 3.0 and not all have it

I have version 3.20, maybe this is a problem?

This is a known issue guys but has it been solved by the hotfix?

Well I have an S7 Edge but it has OpenGL ES 2.0 (I guess) and so far I am using the app just fine. Maybe they will sort it out soon.

We found the source of the issue and have a workaround:

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Missing finish of your text.

Click on the Topic link that Philippe provided.

Ops sorry and thanks you.

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