Samsung Galaxy S7 (Flat) runs IF

Hello!. Well … I’m going to win a cell phone and it is planned to be a Galaxy S7 (Flat) and I would like to know if it runs Infinite Flight, in which graph, warmth, sensitivity?

Anyone who has it knows how to answer me?
Thank you.

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Hey there and welcome to the forum! I linked a really handy topic below that probably has your answer. If you have any questions feel free to ask.


Just to add onto this quickly as the S7 hasn’t been edited on my thread:

It will indeed run infinite flight, but chances are you won’t have the smoothest experience, and I would expect the device to get pretty toasty. It’s a good couple of years old now, I don’t think Samsung actually provides any updates for it anymore. I expect the live cockpit aircraft may stutter, but some of the older less detailed aircraft should be fine if you have the settings turned down.


There says about the S7 “Edge” what I say is the “Flat” the S7 Edge there is with Android 7.0, being not the most current version. The processor mentioned there is Snapdragon, not Exynos (Exynos is the one I’m going to buy) Where I live there is no Snapdragon version.

Would he crash with the 777 's reworked recently?

I wouldn’t know unfortunately. I haven’t seen any reports of this being an issue, and my older and less powerful Xperia Z5 hasn’t experienced crashes with it, but it has been quite severely laggy.


At airports fuller of crash or lag? On the S7 or even your Xperia Z5?

I wouldnt run it on High i tried it on my S6 laggy as hell but with my s8 it worked fine your best bet is to run it low and airplanes visable low

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ok, thanks

If it ain’t snapdragon, then don’t even try. I have an S8+ on Exynos and it lags even on the lowest settings

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I used to own Galaxy S7 before upgrading to S9 two years ago… I had a app crash problem especially on mid-long haul flights… I made a topic on it two years ago also… hopefully you dont run into this problem and your S7 runs properly with IF

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My old S7 can’t handle IF on lowest settings. It crashes usually 3 min after spawning and gets very very warm. I personally can’t recommend to install IF on a Samsung S7 device.

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Idk about anything in Samsung s7 but just to let u know my note 4 runs it and no lag just does good ofc not waiting a ipad air performance tho but it does the job the note 4 idk about the s7 tho

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Strange, I’ve seen some people execute the if on it normally, but from what I see, it’s not all

Does your IF close on long-haul flights?

I hope so too. Thank you

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It will be? :((

Hey @LucasS! Don’t worry the S7 works completely fine. I’ve used it myself for IF and it worked pretty good to be honest. Just set everything to the lowest settings and you should be fine. I’ve done Newark to Singapore on this phone and everything went as planned. I’ve only had the game crash maybe once or twice. In conclusion, it runs just fine on IF.

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I’m divided, haha! some say it works, another doesn’t. But I hope I have a nice experience, just like yours!

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Dont worry! I had a great experience and I’m sure you will too!

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